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LB Chan Massage started on July 02, 2010. We started with just a few staff and therapist with NCII License in Makati. The competition with other company was tough, but it did not stop us from going forward. We started from scratch. Every mistake we learned. We also improved our services, we make sure every services we provide has the quality to compete with other company. We continue to service until we reach more areas in Metro Manila. And on 2018 LB Chan Massage was awarded by Golden Globe Awards and was later granted with another award by Philippine Top Choice.

Year 2020 was the start of Pandemic. We are once again challenged as the spa and massage industry was totally prohibited. We are force to close for 2 years. And on January 2023. LB Chan Massage re-opened and this time we are blessed with clients that after all these years we closed they are still waiting for our company to open.  We thank you for all our old and new client. Rest assure we will continue to bring quality massage service.

LB Chan Massage is a home based massage service located in Makati. We believe that the most relaxing place is at your own home. That is the place where your body and mind rest. Therefore it is one of the most effective atmosphere for a relaxing massage.

Our Company provides Affordable but High Quality Massage Service, with our All Professional and Certified Therapist.

Comfort and Relaxation is our Priority.

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