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Relaxing Back Massage

Available Services

Rates are per hour for Makati Area.

For Areas Outside Makati, 2 Hour Minimum and Rate will depend on your location.

Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is the most traditional form of Western massage, and for many in the United States, it's the image associated with massage. Swedish massage, or classic massage as it called in some countries, is a relatively gentle massage form focused on the body's superficial layers.

Deep Tissue Massage


A deep tissue massage targets deep layers of muscle and the surrounding tissues. People may choose this type of massage to treat sports injuries or chronic pain.

Shiatsu Massage


Shiatsu is a pseudoscientific form of Japanese bodywork based on concepts in traditional Chinese medicine such as the use of qi meridians. Having been popularized in the twentieth century by Tokujiro Namikoshi (1905-2000), shiatsu derives from the older Japanese massage modality called anma.

Thai Massage


Thai massage – also known as Thai Yoga Massage, or informally as 'the lazy person's yoga' – combines assisted yoga with acupressure techniques. The therapist will incorporate yogic stretching movements as they knead and press muscles along the body's energy lines with the hands and feet.

Combination Massage


A combination massage is a type of therapeutic massage that blends the best features from various types of massage therapy into one session. A combination massage can incorporate deep tissue, Swedish, and Thai techniques in order to address your specific needs.

Twin Massage


Twin Massage is a synchronized massage done simultaneously by two highly trained, professional massage therapists. The therapists each take one side of your body, one on the right and one on the left or one on the upper part and one on the lower part of the body.

Foot Massage


A foot massage involves working on the feet with pressure, either manually or with mechanical aids to promote relaxation and health.

Ventosa w/  MAssage

1000 php

Ventosa massage is a type of deep-tissue massage wherein a licensed practitioner place special cups – glass, bamboo, earthenware, or silicone – on your skin for a few minutes to expand capillaries and increase the amount of fluid entering and leaving tissues. Cupping methods are performed in so many ways.

Pre Natal Massage


A prenatal massage is a full body massage performed by a certified prenatal massage therapist that is similar to a Swedish massage (like what you might experience at a spa) except for a few modifications with body positioning that can ensure the safety and comfort for both mother and baby.

Body Scrub w/ MAssage

1000 php

A full body scrub massage is a type of exfoliation treatment that uses a Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation. Body scrubs are usually made with natural ingredients such as sugar, salt, coffee, or oats. They can also be infused with essential oils for an added therapeutic benefits.

Kiddie Massage (30min)


Kiddie massage is the complementary and alternative treatment that uses massage therapy, or "the manual manipulation of soft tissue intended to promote health and well-being" for children and adolescents.

Hote Stone w/  Massage

1200 php

This type of massage involves the use and placement of basalt River rock on different points of the body. The rocks are heated before use and the massage therapist can then apply deeper pressure to areas of concern without causing any discomfort.

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